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Gasoline-Powered 2018 Ford F-150 Full Specifications Released

Given that the F-150 already sells in numbers nearly triple the annual average of a popular midsize sedan, its mid-cycle refresh was a hugely important undertaking. Luckily, it seems that Ford has nailed it—at least with the gasoline-powered trucks. Although the specs of the turbodiesel V6 probably won’t be public until later this year or early next, reviewers sampling the 2018 F-150 are still impressed.

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What Drivers Hate About Lane Departure Warnings & What Ford Vehicles Do Right

Who wants to listen to a repetitive bell going off every time you forget to signal before a lane change, or swerve around a pothole? Nobody, that's who.

Actually, according to the IIHS, about 46 percent of drivers might. That's the percentage of vehicles that had auditory lane-departure warning systems turned on in a recent study. More than half of drivers hate the constant dinging so much, they turn the systems off entirely.

That's a shame, because accidents that involve…

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Ford F-150 Takes Autotrader's Hottest Summer Car Spot

Summer means new adventures and new opportunities, so why not seize the day in the season's hottest car?

How do we know which one holds the title?

Autotrader announced the top ten most-researched cars on their site, the hotspots in their data that reveal the vehicles that are getting the most buyer attention.

As for the top spot... Well, it was claimed by the beloved Ford F-150.

But this pickup truck isn't just the hottest car of this summer. The Ford F-Series has been America's hottest truck for the past 40 years.

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Autoblog Delivers 'Sneak Peek' at 2019 Ford Ranger

America hasn't seen a new Ford Ranger since 2011, when the compact pickup was discontinued in the states. Ford has announced they will be bringing it back in 2019, and many drivers are eager to see a versatile pickup that's a bit smaller than the full-size F-150 rejoin the line.

To check out a brand new Ford Ranger, however, you don't need to wait for 2019 to roll around. You could head overseas right now, where…

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Inject Some Luxury into Your Capability with the 2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

When it comes to getting an unbiased opinion of a vehicle you're interested, there's no better people to talk to than real owners; if you're been curious about just how comfortable and capable the Platinum trim of the 2017 Ford F-150 truly is, take a look at the video below and hear about it from Gary "The Ripper" Ripowski. With the power and efficiency of the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine, the…

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Why Your Car Battery Needs A Check

You check a lot of things in your car. You might inspect your tires. You might look at your exterior for dents or dings. You probably check over fluids if you're a thorough car owner. Why wouldn't you also have your battery checked? A car battery is essential to the life of your vehicle. It powers everything electronic in your car.

You can't start your vehicle without a good car battery. You can't operate your electric windows, radio or sunroof. Your horn won't even honk loud if you're battery is running low. Batteries don…
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How to Ensure the Safest Possible Road Trip

Planning for the safest possible road trip all comes down to taking the time before you leave for the trip to bring along certain items that will keep you safe on the drive. Consider the following items for making this road trip as safe as possible.
  • Keep a box in the trunk filled with a variety of tools so you can make small repairs.
  • Pack a few cans of tire inflator in case more than one tire goes flat.
  • Brings some duct tape to make a few repairs around the car.
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4 Fuel Economy Tips

Being fuel-efficient when it comes to your road vehicle is a responsibility worth adopting. So many drivers accelerate throughout the world of roads without one bit of conscienceness on how to save money through fuel economy. There are so many applicable ways to become increasingly more fuel economy aware and beneficially ride the roads longer without the need of filling up the gas tank again so soon.

Below, you can find many ways to apply for becoming more fuel-efficient.

1 - Drive at a slower rate. Sixty miles per hour and slower saves you more miles per gallon than driving 70…
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