All vehicles, at least as we know them today, are made up of innumerable totals of parts, working together to shift gears, allow gas and air intake, filter through incoming substances, and every other function that partially contributes to making human lives easier.

It's inevitable that your vehicle will break down at some point; if not, it will at least require some level of repair - unless you're the luckiest person in the world.

The major types of car, truck, SUV - really, anything with four wheels that is street-legal - parts include aftermarket parts, those created by unaffiliated manufacturers; and Original Equipment Manufacturer - shortened to OEM from here on out - parts.

A majority of purchased car parts are the aftermarket flavor: they're often cheaper than OEMs, and they are available far and wide.

However, we at Mac Haik Ford Pasadena recommend OEM parts, as they are created far more consistently, parts are likely to be the exact make and model of part your vehicle is missing, they have warranties, plus, you get assistance from dealership mechanics!
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